Saturday, 30 March 2019

Vivid Grand Show in Friedrichstadt Palast Berlin

Hey, let's go and do something really unique very special with the family this time in Berlin.
My wife and daughter start to go to the theater and ballet in our small town in Ireland.
Show them the showbiz how we do it in Berlin.

 I found it very fast after small research that's could be good with kids and at the same time in the English language?

The VIVID Grand Show in Friedrich Palace in Berlin.

The story is quick to explain: A young girl got transformed into an Android and got lost in another world, kind of Alice in Wonderland. In the same time, her Dad who was there when his daughter disappears is looking for her everywhere.
The girl now half machine is going for the journey of life to see the world with new eyes to find her freedom back.

Vivid is a great show with over 100 artists on the stage. There is for everyone something interesting and never boring. A 12 Million Euro Budget.Spectular Acrobatics, great singers and perfect synchrony dancers. Well, there is just one little scene in the funhouse straight after the 25 minutes break with the banana dancer what could be sexual misguided. Thank god there were so many things in one time happen and I don't have to explain 7 years old daughter the hint. I like to compliment the staff in the Friedrichstadt Palast. From Security, wardrobe man, barkeeper door guide DVD presented, they all were very friendly and very professional.
The show was about two hours long with 25 minutes break. From 7.30pm-10.00pm
I am very happy they make it in two languages together so my family who doesn't speak German can enjoy this piece of sensation.

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