Monday, 5 February 2018

For raining Days, 3D Minigolf Berlin

There is even in Berlin dark wet cold days where you cant go and do with the Family and you visit already the Aquarium, tiered from shopping also.

My sister shows me something new in Berlin what I don't even know something like that exist:

in the heart of one more shopping center from Berlin in my Steglitz.
And that the 18 Holes Blacklight Minigolf Dreamworld. We play with the whole Family (7) and we all have fun.It was for our younger ones just a little challenging but on the end, they all put it in the hole and mastered it better than us.   Might be in a Vulcano or somewhere in the air.

There is also a nice comfy Bar and Lounge for but we could care less. We have around 2 hours fun and it was very thrilling.
The price for Adults is7.50€, Kids paying 6.50€ and for the 3D Classes 1.00€ extra, but you don't really need that because we tried.Mondays closed

Next time we like to try the Crazy Bowler, or the Laser=VR. in the same place.

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