Friday, 10 November 2017

Best family chocolate cafe in Berlin Ritter Sport bunte schokowelt

We have plenty of cafeterias who offers a collection of chocolate all around Berlin.

But there is an outstanding Cafe in Berlin all about chocolate from one of the most popular brands in the world, you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Ritter Sport,  the 100-gram square-shaped bar divided into 15 smaller squares
famous for the variety of flavors stood always for innovative ideas and the best quality in everything to do with chocolate.
Ritter Sports Bunte Schokowelt is located in the center of Berlin, in the Franzoesische Str. 24, Mitte 10117

But what is actually the Rittersport Cafe and why I call this huge 2-
floor place always a cafeteria but is
actually a chocolate heaven factory?

Let me explain this chocolate paradise visit with my Family :
The first thing when you open the door and come in is the cue with a crowd of people is the counter where the magic is happening.

Yes, that's the heart of the Rittersport Schokowelt where they make the chocolate you choose. First,
we have to choose between white,
milk or bitter chocolate, but somehow the white chocolate was sold out for today they told us on 12 afternoons
what was a bit strange.
After that, you have to choose your size of chocolate bar from the normal 100 gram or large square shaped bar an then paying.

Now start the real fun, the chocolatier will create your own personal dream bar from a selection of over 20 different ingredients like nuts, rice crisps, vanilla cookies, smarties, cornflakes and much more.
There is even an option for season ingredients like gingerbread.
I choose for my chocolate bar marshmallow, gummy bears, and fizzy crisps......just yummy.

Of course, the hot melted chocolate has to cool down what takes around 30 minutes to be ready for collection.

That gives us some time to discover the cocoa shop where you can buy

the whole product line from ritter sport, all special editions or gift packs for a fair price, on the second floor the coco exhibition explains and shows where the chocolate comes from and step by step how the cocoa bean become a bar of chocolate.
Even a cinema room about cocoa is there.
The cafe area was really enjoyable in this building with a rich original menu for a fair price.
We choose the recommend special on the menu what was the chocolate fondue with hot white chocolate and a fresh colorful fruit platter and for our daughter the kid's edition with a platter of various sweets like marshmallow or gummy bears, together with two coffees and a juice for around 20 Euro.
The service was friendly and perfect in English, but we still have to order at the counter and after we finish our delicious afternoon tea was time to pay.
I have to try view times members of the staff to give a signal for attention that we like to pay what I really don't like because it feels
rude in my eyes.
Anyway, I give tip because it was still great and the whole family enjoy the trip/

After we bought enough souvenirs for back home, time for the collection.
Unfortunately, the person right before me collects 15 chocolate bars was took a while to wrap them all up.
All in one it was all great and we
like to come back for sure.Just expect some waiting time in this chocolate paradise.
I like to mention that for lunch there are better places like in my old report :
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