Thursday, 3 August 2017

Berlin Aquarium

The Aquarium in the Budapester St. 32, Charlottenburg (Kudam)
...from Berlin is worth  for a short visit or a rainy day in the heart of  the city

We visit it every year and I recommend it for the whole family for a short visit.

It will take around 2 hours to see all three floors of the aquarium.
The first Floor is the underwater world the biggest and best floor from the Aquarium.Straight after the entrance is a huge but not deep pond, where all kind of giant goldfish and koi swimming in the water and the kids can easily touch them.Of course, we have to stop there for our daughter who has great fun.

The whole atmosphere on the ground floor is stunning, because you never know what to expect in the next water-tank from freshwater, saltwater, jellyfish, and predators.

The second Floor includes Snakes, Lizards, Iguanas and Crocodiles.
I remember when i was a kid the crocodile Hall where you can walk on the wooden bridge over the terrain with all the predators was the highlight.

It could be  a bit boring for some because just in the feeding time they moving.The Anacondas and Phytons are bigger then in Tv and look even  trough the wall extreme dangerous.

And finally on the third floor you see frogs, toads, creepy crawlies including tarantulas, scorpions, bees, ants and buterflies.
 Must see is the leaf cutter ants farm  who are crawling over your head.
Ant farm

I have to mention the small cafeteria on the second floor what is very small and not the best.
last time the limited small choice of menu was just  Wiener sausage or Belgian waffles and way too expensive with a cup of coffee.
Better you skip it and go to Kartoffelkiste in Ku-dam what I post in the past.

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