Thursday, 6 July 2017

Best place to eat in Berlin Kurfurstendam (Kartoffelkiste) definitely the Kartoffelkiste on the Kudamm in Europa-center.

For the shopping area Number 2 ( I explain in my next post) in Berlin is the Kartoffelkiste Restaurant far the best place to eat or take a break and not hard to find. Just in the Europacenter shopping Place where the Big Water clock tower is the stairs up on the left on the first floor and you see it straight away.
Our Water Clock Tower
Europa Center

All the waiters have their own Station and will come to you soon as you sit down and will speak perfect English.
Families are very welcome. Place and facilities are clean.They can have the Menu for you in multilingual languages: English, Russian, French, Italian, and Spanish.
They have a big choice of local and International Dishes and very big Portions for a small price.
The price per Dish is from €11.00 to €14.00
Big choice of drinks from juice, Beer wine and all kind of coffee also available.

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