Thursday, 13 July 2017

Best for shopping in Berlin is Steglitz

 I recommend the best location for shopping in Berlin is, in fact is absolute  Stegliz.
Here in the Link, you see how close they all are connected.

Steglitz is situated in the south of the west part of the City.
You will need the whole day to discover all shops.Trust me!
It might look like a smaller area than the Kud-amm but imagine the whole underground connected to each other full with boutiques bakeries, cafes groceries.
It is a treasured place for our family. With so many very large shopping Centres like Forum Steglitz or Das Schloss Boulevard Berlin,
 Open time is from 10 am to 8 pm 9(official).

There are numerous large Toy stores to discover like Spiel Max, Toys"R" Us,  and Lego Store...

 Most of the toy stores themselves are big adventures for Kids because they can cycle and skate around in most of the bigger toy store.It Looks like for me the staff gets used to it.
There are nice restaurants and snack bars in the shopping Centers in the surroundings.The best places are like always hidden but still within distance to the center of the shopping area.
But the most two outstanding for the whole family is  Asia Stern and LeBuffet.

I can really recommend the Asia Stern Chinese Buffet in Schlossstrasse 95.
  In this place, you can eat so much you want for just
 € 10.00 per Person and refill so often you want with your plate. Sushi also available.

My wife like to eat in the  Le Buffet with all of us.It's located in the Shopping Center Karstadt 03.OG. It offers fresh food of German and international cuisine Buffet  style and an outstanding selection of  Desserts Juices and smoothies.Price ranges from €8.00 to €14.00.

You need just around 25 minutes from Airport Schoenefeld to Steglitz with the Bus, Taxi, Train or Subway.
From Kudamm just 10 minutes and from Potsdamer Platz around 40  Minutes.

If you already visit all the places let me know and we can share our experience.
Comments are always welcome                                      

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