Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Berlins TV Tower, Berliner Fernsehturm , dont go there

The Tv tower is located in the Panorama str. 1A 10178, very close to the S Train Station Alexanderplatz.

Build in the 1960s for demonstrating the strength and efficiency of the social system in mind.

Everybody in Berlin can see it from far far away, the iconic silver sphere on a slim concrete column with the red white antenna on the top.You have a 360  view from almost all over the city Berlin. The restaurant is rotating and make every hour a circle.
It is one of our original symbols for our beautiful city Berlin. like the Brandenburger Gate or the Victory Tower,

Yes, that's it.
It is a definitely one of our tourist trap top 5.
They won't accept anyone with mobility issues.
The queue and waiting time are very long.Food and drinks up in your backpack is prohibited. The price of the menu in the restaurant is less than average and too valuable high. Portions are this small that you have to eat afterward somewhere else again.
I think to remember that I pay nearly 7.00€ for a beer.

When you really want to go up, go for it.
But I would recommend buying the Tickets online and have a snack before you go in the long waiting queue.

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