Monday, 5 February 2018

For raining Days, 3D Minigolf Berlin

There is even in Berlin dark wet cold days where you cant go and do with the Family and you visit already the Aquarium, tiered from shopping also.

My sister shows me something new in Berlin what I don't even know something like that exist:

in the heart of one more shopping center from Berlin in my Steglitz.
And that the 18 Holes Blacklight Minigolf Dreamworld. We play with the whole Family (7) and we all have fun.It was for our younger ones just a little challenging but on the end, they all put it in the hole and mastered it better than us.   Might be in a Vulcano or somewhere in the air.

There is also a nice comfy Bar and Lounge for but we could care less. We have around 2 hours fun and it was very thrilling.
The price for Adults is7.50€, Kids paying 6.50€ and for the 3D Classes 1.00€ extra, but you don't really need that because we tried.Mondays closed

Next time we like to try the Crazy Bowler, or the Laser=VR. in the same place.

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Best family chocolate cafe in Berlin Ritter Sport bunte schokowelt

We have plenty of cafeterias who offers a collection of chocolate all around Berlin.

But there is an outstanding Cafe in Berlin all about chocolate from one of the most popular brands in the world, you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Ritter Sport,  the 100-gram square-shaped bar divided into 15 smaller squares
famous for the variety of flavors stood always for innovative ideas and the best quality in everything to do with chocolate.
Ritter Sports Bunte Schokowelt is located in the center of Berlin, in the Franzoesische Str. 24, Mitte 10117

But what is actually the Rittersport Cafe and why I call this huge 2-
floor place always a cafeteria but is
actually a chocolate heaven factory?

Let me explain this chocolate paradise visit with my Family :
The first thing when you open the door and come in is the cue with a crowd of people is the counter where the magic is happening.

Yes, that's the heart of the Rittersport Schokowelt where they make the chocolate you choose. First,
we have to choose between white,
milk or bitter chocolate, but somehow the white chocolate was sold out for today they told us on 12 afternoons
what was a bit strange.
After that, you have to choose your size of chocolate bar from the normal 100 gram or large square shaped bar an then paying.

Now start the real fun, the chocolatier will create your own personal dream bar from a selection of over 20 different ingredients like nuts, rice crisps, vanilla cookies, smarties, cornflakes and much more.
There is even an option for season ingredients like gingerbread.
I choose for my chocolate bar marshmallow, gummy bears, and fizzy crisps......just yummy.

Of course, the hot melted chocolate has to cool down what takes around 30 minutes to be ready for collection.

That gives us some time to discover the cocoa shop where you can buy

the whole product line from ritter sport, all special editions or gift packs for a fair price, on the second floor the coco exhibition explains and shows where the chocolate comes from and step by step how the cocoa bean become a bar of chocolate.
Even a cinema room about cocoa is there.
The cafe area was really enjoyable in this building with a rich original menu for a fair price.
We choose the recommend special on the menu what was the chocolate fondue with hot white chocolate and a fresh colorful fruit platter and for our daughter the kid's edition with a platter of various sweets like marshmallow or gummy bears, together with two coffees and a juice for around 20 Euro.
The service was friendly and perfect in English, but we still have to order at the counter and after we finish our delicious afternoon tea was time to pay.
I have to try view times members of the staff to give a signal for attention that we like to pay what I really don't like because it feels
rude in my eyes.
Anyway, I give tip because it was still great and the whole family enjoy the trip/

After we bought enough souvenirs for back home, time for the collection.
Unfortunately, the person right before me collects 15 chocolate bars was took a while to wrap them all up.
All in one it was all great and we
like to come back for sure.Just expect some waiting time in this chocolate paradise.
I like to mention that for lunch there are better places like in my old report :
 Best place to eat in Berlin Kurfurstendam 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Halloween Family event in Botanischen Garten

When you visit Berlin in the Autumn time there are not many special events you could do with the whole family.
But Halloween is one of the exceptions what keep you and your kids for the whole daytime busy.

Us three for example was last time going going to the Botanischen Garten in Dahlem, Koenigin-Luise-Strasse 6-8, 14195 Berlin.
its also very close to the shopping area of steglitz my favorite shopping place, I wrote in another article before. 
The Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum is a huge botanical garden with the size of 43 hectares.
Imagine this huge area will be floated of kids in there Halloween costumes having a good time.
There will be lots of activity's in the whole area thanks to the staff of the Botanischen Garden who are working hard for us to give everyone a good time.
Pumpkin bowling, throwing rings on pumpkins, face painting,  sticky spiderweb and Halloween witch cinema is just view activities you will see walking around the big area but the highlight for my daughter was  playing on the big field of straw.
Be aware of the jumping castle. There are too many kids on it and the view to see your kids are blocked, some are just playing too rough and jumping all over the place.
There are lots of small candy and snack shops all around the Botanischen Garden.

Like in a Christmas market you will find here anything from cotton candy to crepes or steak burgers.
Mull wine ( Gluehwein ) is also available.
This event will start this year again at 29th of October from 11 to 6 pm.
Entry ticket cost  €7.00 to €10.00. Kids until 6 years is free entry.

This year it was closed because of the strong red alert wind in Berlin

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Berlin Aquarium

The Aquarium in the Budapester St. 32, Charlottenburg (Kudam)
...from Berlin is worth  for a short visit or a rainy day in the heart of  the city

We visit it every year and I recommend it for the whole family for a short visit.

It will take around 2 hours to see all three floors of the aquarium.
The first Floor is the underwater world the biggest and best floor from the Aquarium.Straight after the entrance is a huge but not deep pond, where all kind of giant goldfish and koi swimming in the water and the kids can easily touch them.Of course, we have to stop there for our daughter who has great fun.

The whole atmosphere on the ground floor is stunning, because you never know what to expect in the next water-tank from freshwater, saltwater, jellyfish, and predators.

The second Floor includes Snakes, Lizards, Iguanas and Crocodiles.
I remember when i was a kid the crocodile Hall where you can walk on the wooden bridge over the terrain with all the predators was the highlight.

It could be  a bit boring for some because just in the feeding time they moving.The Anacondas and Phytons are bigger then in Tv and look even  trough the wall extreme dangerous.

And finally on the third floor you see frogs, toads, creepy crawlies including tarantulas, scorpions, bees, ants and buterflies.
 Must see is the leaf cutter ants farm  who are crawling over your head.
Ant farm

I have to mention the small cafeteria on the second floor what is very small and not the best.
last time the limited small choice of menu was just  Wiener sausage or Belgian waffles and way too expensive with a cup of coffee.
Better you skip it and go to Kartoffelkiste in Ku-dam what I post in the past.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Best culture in Berlin, Pergamon Museum

Museum Island is our historic ensemble of five unique  museums on the spree in Berlin Mitte:
Alte Nationalgalerie, Altes Museum, Bode-Museum, Neues Museum and my favorite the Pergamon 

Each museum was designed so as to establish an organic connection with the art it houses.

The entire complex is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

To be honest I visit in the moment just the Pergamon Museum what was awesome.
The antique art from the middle east and turkey and the monumental room area is just wow.
You need a half day for exploring all of it.
The audio set guide you get was a big extra bonus, where you can listen to all the history and description of each exhibit in different languages.

Be aware!!
The massive Pergamon hall is currently closed for visitors for a massive renovation and should reopen in late 2019 !!

I can really recommend the Pergamon Museum.
It was very interesting about the various dynasties that ruled the Islamic world and about the spiritual influences in art and society
Just look at our astonish Pictures.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Berlins TV Tower, Berliner Fernsehturm , dont go there

The Tv tower is located in the Panorama str. 1A 10178, very close to the S Train Station Alexanderplatz.

Build in the 1960s for demonstrating the strength and efficiency of the social system in mind.

Everybody in Berlin can see it from far far away, the iconic silver sphere on a slim concrete column with the red white antenna on the top.You have a 360  view from almost all over the city Berlin. The restaurant is rotating and make every hour a circle.
It is one of our original symbols for our beautiful city Berlin. like the Brandenburger Gate or the Victory Tower,

Yes, that's it.
It is a definitely one of our tourist trap top 5.
They won't accept anyone with mobility issues.
The queue and waiting time are very long.Food and drinks up in your backpack is prohibited. The price of the menu in the restaurant is less than average and too valuable high. Portions are this small that you have to eat afterward somewhere else again.
I think to remember that I pay nearly 7.00€ for a beer.

When you really want to go up, go for it.
But I would recommend buying the Tickets online and have a snack before you go in the long waiting queue.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Best for shopping in Berlin is Steglitz

 I recommend the best location for shopping in Berlin is, in fact is absolute  Stegliz.
Here in the Link, you see how close they all are connected.

Steglitz is situated in the south of the west part of the City.
You will need the whole day to discover all shops.Trust me!
It might look like a smaller area than the Kud-amm but imagine the whole underground connected to each other full with boutiques bakeries, cafes groceries.
It is a treasured place for our family. With so many very large shopping Centres like Forum Steglitz or Das Schloss Boulevard Berlin,
 Open time is from 10 am to 8 pm 9(official).

There are numerous large Toy stores to discover like Spiel Max, Toys"R" Us,  and Lego Store...

 Most of the toy stores themselves are big adventures for Kids because they can cycle and skate around in most of the bigger toy store.It Looks like for me the staff gets used to it.
There are nice restaurants and snack bars in the shopping Centers in the surroundings.The best places are like always hidden but still within distance to the center of the shopping area.
But the most two outstanding for the whole family is  Asia Stern and LeBuffet.

I can really recommend the Asia Stern Chinese Buffet in Schlossstrasse 95.
  In this place, you can eat so much you want for just
 € 10.00 per Person and refill so often you want with your plate. Sushi also available.

My wife like to eat in the  Le Buffet with all of us.It's located in the Shopping Center Karstadt 03.OG. It offers fresh food of German and international cuisine Buffet  style and an outstanding selection of  Desserts Juices and smoothies.Price ranges from €8.00 to €14.00.

You need just around 25 minutes from Airport Schoenefeld to Steglitz with the Bus, Taxi, Train or Subway.
From Kudamm just 10 minutes and from Potsdamer Platz around 40  Minutes.

If you already visit all the places let me know and we can share our experience.
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